Implant Restoration

Implant RestorationThe dental crown that is attached to your implant is just as susceptible to damage as your natural teeth. Noles Family Dental in Greensburg, Indiana is experienced in correcting problems with the crown on a dental implant.

Whether your dental crown is broken and damaged, loose or discolored, our experienced dentists Drs. Noles, Estes, and Steinhauer can save your smile.

Dental Crown Detachment is Commonly Caused by Breakdown of Cement

A dental cement is used to attach the crown to the implant. Even though the dental cement is extremely strong, it doesn’t last forever. Over time, the dental cement naturally starts to break down.

Eventually, the dental cement breaks down so much that it no longer can hold the crown in place. When this happens, the dental crown will shift or move while you are talking or eating or it will fall out of the mouth completely.

If your crown becomes loose or falls out due to a breakdown of dental cement, our dentists can help.

First, our dentists will complete a thorough examination to determine that the crown fell out due to a breakdown of dental cement.

After the exam, our dentists will inspect your crown to make sure it hasn’t been damaged. Even if it doesn’t look like the crown is damaged, it is important to have our dentists look at it to make sure it is strong, sturdy and properly functioning.

If the crown isn’t damaged, our dentists may be able to reattach it with a little dental cement. If the crown is damaged, our dentists can work with you to create a replacement crown.

Other Reasons Why a Dental Crown on an Implant May Need to be Replaced

While the breakdown of dental cement is the most common reason for a crown falling off an implant and needing to be replaced, it isn’t the only reason. Some of the other reasons why you may need to have a crown replaced include:

  • Injury
  • Damage to the crown due to eating hard or sticky foods
  • Damage to the crown from grinding your teeth or clenching your teeth
  • Discoloration of the crown – dental crowns can become stained and discolored just like natural teeth
  • Surrounding teeth shifted or changed and the crown no longer properly fits the space it was filling

Our Dental Implant Restoration Services Check That the Implant is Properly Functioning

Although rare, sometimes the screw or abutment of the dental implant can become damaged which results in the crown falling out or feeling loose. It is important to verify that the entire dental implant is properly functioning in order to avoid problems in the future.

As part of our dental implant restoration services, our dentists, Drs. Noles, Estes, and Steinhauer will do a complete and thorough examination to make sure the implant is properly functioning. If any problems are discovered with the implant or the abutment, our dentists can discuss treatment options with you.

Our Dental Team Works With You Create a Customized Replacement Crown

If our dentists, Drs. Noles, Estes, and Steinhauer determine that your crown is damaged or broken and needs to be replaced, our experienced dental team will walk you through the restoration process. It is our goal to create a replacement crown for your implant that not only looks natural, but feels natural.

Every step of the restoration process can be completed right in our office. Our dental staff is experienced in taking the necessary impressions and imaging that the lab needs to create a customized replacement crown for the dental implant. We can even help you select what color material to use so your crown looks natural.

Once the lab creates your customized crown, it is time for the final step of the restoration process. The final stage of the implant restoration process involves placement of the crown.

It is important to us that you feel comfortable with the final crown that is placed on the implant so you are able to chew, eat and speak naturally. During the final placement process, we will make sure the replacement crown fits and that it is secure. We also ensure the crown sits securely on the gum line and does not cause any pain or discomfort.

Experiencing a Problem with the Crown of Your Dental Implant? Call Us!

Should you experience problems with the crown on your dental implant, it is important to get it looked at by a dentist as soon as possible to avoid additional problems. Call Noles Family Dental in Greensburg, Indiana to schedule an appointment to learn how the implant restoration services offered by our dentists can help you.