Intraoral Camera

Intraoral Camera

At Noles Family Dental in Greensburg, Indiana, we want patients to feel they are involved with their dental care. Our intraoral camera allows patients to gain valuable insight into what is going on in their mouths.

By seeing what our dentist sees, our patients are able to better understand why certain treatments or procedures may be recommended.

How Does an Intraoral Camera Work?

Capturing videos and images with an intraoral camera is quick and easy. Our dental team will move the small handheld digital camera around your mouth to capture detailed images and video of your teeth and gums. The images will be displayed on a TV screen or monitor for you to see.

Using an Intraoral Camera as a Diagnostic Tool

The use of an intraoral camera as a diagnostic tool helps our dentists, Drs. Noles, Estes, and Steinhauer provide exceptional dental care to all of our patients. The images captured by our handheld camera can help our dentists detect dental problems in their early stages. Many dental problems, such as gum disease, tooth decay, or cavities, are easier to treat when caught in the early stages.

An intraoral camera also helps our dentists create an accurate, more efficient treatment plan. Our dentists can see in detail hard-to-reach areas by enhancing and magnifying the images captured by the intraoral camera. Seeing these areas in detail, we can spot problems that might otherwise have been overlooked with just a visual exam or even with X-rays. Our dentist can then recommend treatment that will address these problems.

Patient Comfort is Important to Us

Using an intraoral camera, we can capture images and video that help diagnose a number of dental problems without compromising the comfort of our patients. About the size of a pen, the intraoral camera can easily capture images or videos in hard-to-see areas of the mouth without any discomfort.

Not only is patient comfort improved with the use of an oral camera, but it helps make appointments more efficient. An intraoral camera can take dozens of videos and images in just a few minutes. This saves time for both the patient and our dentists without compromising quality of care.

Dental Care You Can Trust

Patient education is extremely important to us at Noles Family Dental in Greensburg, Indiana. We believe that it builds a stronger, trusting relationship between our patients and dental team. Our use of an intraoral camera allows our dentists to effectively communicate with all our patients about their dental care.

Experience the exceptional dental care we provide to our patients by scheduling an appointment with one of our dentists. Call us, and our friendly office staff will help you schedule an appointment.