Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer ScreeningAt Noles Family Dental, we understand how important it is to get oral cancer properly diagnosed and treated. Offering oral cancer screenings as part of our preventative dental services allows us to get our patients immediate treatment that could save their life.

Oral Cancer Screenings Are Quick and Non-Invasive

It takes just a few minutes to complete an examination for oral cancer. Before conducting the screening, our dental team will ask you questions about your oral health and health history. We will also ask if you have experienced any soreness in the mouth, throat or head.

The first part of the screening is a visual examination of the gums, tongue, cheeks and back of the throat.

Using gloved hands and a tongue depressor, our dentist will look inside your mouth for any noticeable signs of oral cancer, including gum discoloration, lumps, bumps, lesions or ulcers.

After examining the inside of your mouth, our dentist will proceed to the second part of the screening, checking for any noticeable lumps in the areas around the outside of the mouth and head.

If we see any signs of oral cancer, we will recommend that you make an appointment as soon as possible with your primary doctor. We can also refer you to an oral cancer specialist.

Learn How To Reduce Your Risk for Oral Cancer

Some people have a higher risk of getting oral cancer than others. While some things you have no control over can cause oral cancer, such as genetics, other things you do have control over.

Patient education is an extremely important part of our oral cancer screening. We want to help our patients understand the importance of early oral cancer detection and that there are certain things they can do to reduce their risk for oral cancer.

Our dental team will ask questions about your health and current lifestyle. The information you provide will help us identify if something you are doing may be putting you at risk for oral cancer. If it is discovered you are at risk for oral cancer, our dental team can help you determine if there is anything you can do to reduce your risk.

Our Dental Team Is Always on the Lookout for Signs of Oral Cancer

A comprehensive and complete oral cancer screening is always done as part of your regularly scheduled dental exam. However, that doesn’t mean we aren’t looking for it at other times.

No matter what dental procedure or service you are getting, our dental staff is always looking for signs of oral cancer. Should there be any signs of oral cancer, we can get you immediate treatment which could save your life.

Call our office to learn more about our oral cancer screenings in our Greensburg, IN office. We can help you schedule an appointment or answer any questions you may have about oral cancer.