Cindy V

Cindy has worked at Noles for 32 years, starting in 1990. She is a dental hygienist who educates patients on the connection of oral health and overall health, provides thorough dental cleanings, detects early signs of oral or thyroid cancer, and helps patients in their quest to quit smoking or chewing. She loves the genuine, special connection she has with her patients, and she shows them that she truly cares about their overall health. She takes great pride in seeing big, confident smiles on her patients at the end of the appointments, and knowing she’s made a positive impact on their day. Cindy attended Ball State University and completed her degree at Indiana University School of Dentistry.

When not working, Cindy enjoys spending time with her husband Joe and her children Megan, Brooke and Wade. She also enjoys traveling all over the world, hiking, snow skiing, kayaking, and doing yoga. Cindy sings at special events and does music ministry at nursing homes to be spiritually uplifting to others. Someday she hopes to travel as much as possible and spend as much quality time with her future grandchildren as possible. Cindy loves her job at Noles Family Dental and feels so much fulfillment in making it an enjoyable experience for her patients.